Matchbox is a podcast for new writing. We invite writers and creatives to respond to a new theme every episode. Some writers read their own works; others are partnered with actors and performers, who serve as their readers.

We are now accepting submissions for our third episode: "In-Between"

We accept all genres and ask creatives to write with an awareness of sound and performance. Prose pieces should be around 2 pages; dialogue and script around 5 pages; and there are no line limits for poetry (though a poem shouldn't be too much longer than 3 pages). Musicians and musical artists are also invited to submit their works: we ask that songs and recordings be under 5 minutes. But all of these restrictions are guidelines -- get in touch with us if your ideas and works need more space, time, and thinking. Everyone and everything is welcome!

Submit to: submissions@matchboxpodcast.com

If you're a performer who would like to read for us, send us an email: info@matchboxpodcast.com

And any other questions: info@matchboxpodcast.com

Deadline to submit to this episode is Oct. 30th 2020. We can't wait to hear from you!
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