Matchbox is a place for new writers and new writing. In our second episode, eight writers, musicians, and performers reckon with with the theme, “Letters.”
In our second episode of Matchbox, we asked a group of young writers, musicians, and actors to respond to the theme of “Letters.” Here is what they had to say.

Kellyn Kusyk writes and Mara Hoplamazian reads a letter from Kellyn to their mother about love, difference, and being good with your hands.

KC-J sings two original love songs, Baby Girl and How I Am, both about letting go of a relationship.

Mia Fowler writes and Angel Adeoye reads a fictional letter about growing up and getting serious.

Ohad Zeltzer-Zubida writes and Maxi Himpe reads a short story about two sworn enemies at summer camp.

Blanca Schofield Legorburo writes and her many housemates read three short pieces about connection and lack-thereof in the time of coronavirus. 

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