Matchbox is a place for new writers and new writing. In our first episode, nine writers, musicians, and performers reckon with the theme “Firsts”.
In our first episode of Matchbox, we asked a group of young writers, musicians, and actors to respond to the theme of Firsts

Here is what they had to say.

Esul Burton writes and Payson Whitwell reads a poem about the first pandemic and the Redwoods in California

Grace Wynter writes and Rayo Oyeyemi reads a piece of creative nonfiction about her high school’s tradition of gendered robes

Nurit Chinn writes and Maria Campos Saadi composes and performs a song about coming home after university

Juliette Neil writes and reads a story about the first time she dug a hole

Elliot writes and reads a meditation on capitalism, jobs, parents, and purpose 

Zoe Ervolino writes and sings an original song titled “Twenty First”

Intro music by Noah Goodman and cover art by Anya Pertel

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